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Frequently asked questions

As a real estate agency with longstanding experience we often get questions about the purchase and sales process of a property. Below we have made an overview of the most frequently asked questions. Can’t find you question in the list below? Don’t hesitate to contact us, we would love to help you out!

1.     Why do I need a real estate agent to sell my house?

Selling a property is a difficult and complex process. In order to achieve maximum results, it is advisable to let a real estate agent guide you throughout the process. This also ensures that no important matters will be overlooked. Choosing for SEM Makelaars as your sales estate agent offers you the following advantages:

  • A solid sales strategy that ensures maximum profits
  • The broker will take a professional look at your property
  • A certified value estimation by an acknowledged valuator
  • Assistance with all viewings
  • Handling all administrative tasks from strategy to transfer of ownership

2.     Why do I need a purchase estate agent?

When there is a shortage in the market, as is the case in Amsterdam at the moment, it can be very difficult to find a good property for a good price. A purchase estate agent will assist you in the search of your new home. You will experience the following advantages:

  • Be the first to find out about new properties on the market
  • Guidance from beginning to end
  • Full-service approach
  • A strong purchase position thanks to a certified realtor by your side
  • Extensive knowledge of the Amsterdam housing market

3.     What does a real estate agent in Amsterdam cost?

There are two ways to determine the rate of our estate agents for the purchase and/or sale of your property in Amsterdam. The first option is commission; you pay the estate agent a percentage of the transaction price of the property. The second option is a fixed fee; this is often chosen by clients who opt for a purchase-sale combination, in other words if you purchase as well as sell your property with us.

4.     Why choose for SEM Makelaars?

SEM Makelaars is thé real estate agency in Amsterdam with extensive knowledge of the market and with more than 20 years of experience. Are you planning to move and do you want to sell your house under the best conditions? Our estate agents will take care of the entire sales process for you, from the intake until the transfer of ownership.

  • Full service approach throughout the entire process
  • Affiliated with the NVM, MVA, Certified Expat Brokers, NRVT and VastgoedCert
  • Our clients value us with a 9.1
  • First meeting is without obligation

5.     What are the housing offers of SEM makelaars?

The properties listed by SEM Makelaars are located in and around Amsterdam. We are active throughout the whole city and offer new construction projects as well as existing properties.

6.     Why buy a property in Amsterdam East?

Amsterdam East (link naar pagina Amsterdam Oost) is a modern neighborhood with a lot of character. There is always something to do. It is full of vibrant hotspots and attracts a diverse audience of home seekers. If we look at, for example, the Javastraat, we can say that Amsterdam East developed in recent years. It has the trendiest streets with plenty of shops, bars and cafés. The Cruquiuswerf has become the new place to be of the Eastern Docklands (Oostelijk Havengebied) and the green Watergraafsmeer is attracting more and more young professionals. Must-sees in this neighborhood are the Dapper market, the beautiful Oosterpark with the impressive Tropical museum and ecological Park Frankendael.

7.     Why buy a property in Amsterdam South?

Many describe Amsterdam South as chic and tidy. But it has much more to offer than just a tidy living environment. Who doesn’t want to live in the middle of the vibrant city but still be surrounded by plenty of green. Think of the Rivierenbuurt, the trendy area “De Pijp”, the green Sarphatipark, etc. We know this beautiful neighborhood like no other. From Strand-Zuid to the world famous Albert Cuyp market, but also the more hidden gems of the neighborhood.

8.     Can expats buy properties in The Netherlands?

Yes, there are no restrictions placed on expats for buying property in the Netherlands. There are, however, some important aspects to consider before buying a house. Since the financial crisis in 2008 ended a long time of rising house prices, the housing market in the Netherlands has been in flux. There is a lot of competition for attractive properties in several areas due to the growing population. Nearly 60 percent of Dutch residents own a home, and high-density family housing as well as apartments are very common.

  • Als eerste op de hoogte zijn van nieuw woningaanbod
  • Begeleiding van a tot z bij de aankoop van uw nieuwe woning
  • Fullservice makelaarsdiensten waarbij aan alle details wordt gedacht
  • Een sterke aankooppositie dankzij een gecertificeerd makelaar aan uw zijde
  • Uitgebreide kennis van de Amsterdamse woningmarkt

9.     Should expats buy or rent in The Netherlands?

In the Netherlands rent controlled housing and social housing are quite common, but mostly restricted to renters with low income. This can make finding property a bit harder. Home owners have the advantage of tax benefits and mortgage rates are often lower than rent. The transaction costs for buying a house are roughly 6 percent however. On top of that the property market is still in flux, so if you have just moved to the Netherlands or are planning to stay for 3 years or less, it is recommended to rent instead of buy.

10.     How can I sell my property in Amsterdam as an expat?

If you are living in Amsterdam, and have decided to sell your property, SEM Makelaars can help you by taking care of the complete selling process for you. You will not have to worry about all the handlings. We provide professional photography to promote your house, a NEN measure report, floor plans, documentation review, organisation of viewings, execution, advice and guidance with the notary acts. Doing all of this contributes to the best possible selling price for your property.