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Property valuation Amsterdam

Do you want to know the current market value of a property for, for example, the purchase, sale or refinancing? At SEM Makelaars we also offer, aside from our purchase and sales services, valuation services for properties in Amsterdam.

  • Valuators with many years of experience in the Amsterdam housing market
  • SEM Makelaars is affiliated with the NWWI and NRVT
  • Our valuation reports are accepted by every financial institution

Do you have a property that you would like to valuate or do you need more information about our service? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

What is a valuation exactly?

A valuation is an accurately estimation of the value of your property. We look at comparable objects in the neighborhood and take various factors into account, in and around the property. The experience of the valuator plays an important part. The valuator needs to be independent, acknowledged and capable to accurately determine the value of the property.  Financial institutions base the client’s mortgage possibilities on the given valuation report. Furthermore, the value of the property influences things such as the amount of the premium for certain insurances.

What do you need a valuation report for?

There are various reasons for which you would need a valuation report. For example for the following situations:


In order to be able to get a mortgage for the purchase of a property, you will need a validated valuation report


In some cases, a valuation report is mandatory when you want to refinance your mortgage. This because the current property value influences the maximum amount you can refinance and the interest you pay.


In the event of a death, it is possible that the property belongs to the inheritance. In order to correctly divide the (non-) material goods, you must know the current value of the property.


Comparable to the situation of a heritance, in case of a divorce it is necessary to know the accurate value of the property for the division of property.


The value of your property is important knowledge for the Tax office. Think of the transfer tax, which is based on the market value. Or in the case of a surplus value when selling your house.

SEM Makelaars – certified valuators

For the valuation of properties, we are affiliated with two valuation institutions: The Dutch Register for Real Estate Valuators (NRVT – Nederlands Register Vastgoed Taxateurs) and the Dutch Property Value Institute (NWWI – Nederlands Woning Waarde Instituut).

The NWWI inspects valuation reports of valuators and makes sure that every valuation is in accordance with the guidelines. This way lenders, intermediaries and consumers will have a clear, objective and reliable valuation report that offers insight in the way the appraised value was determined. Only valuators that meet the strong quality demands can get affiliated with the NWWI.

The NRVT is a central register of property valuators and focuses on guaranteeing the professional competence of these valuators.

Willem Schilder

NVM Realtor / Valuator

T: 020 740 0531
M: 06 2670 8004

Want to make an appointment?

We execute valuations for properties in Amsterdam and its surroundings; Amsterdam South, Amsterdam East, Diemen, Ouder-Amstel, Amstelveen, Ouderkerk aan de Amstel and Uithoorn. It is necessary for the valuator to come on-site in order to accurately determine the value of the property. Afterwards he will calculate the value in the office and set up the valuation report. Contact us to plan your appointment!