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Purchasing a house is one of the biggest financial decisions of your life. It is without a doubt a decision for which it is best to hire an expert to help you. As a real estate agency in Amsterdam we have a longstanding experience in guiding our clients in their search for the perfect home. We offer you a full-service purchasing service in which we guide you from a to z: from searching for a new home up until the purchase and the transfer of ownership.

  • Certified purchase estate agent in Amsterdam
  • Average timeframe of less than 3 months
  • Our clients evaluate us with a 9+ on Funda
  • A (temporarily) free search engine
  • Specialized in purchasing properties throughout the entire Metropolitan Region Amsterdam
  • As a Certified Expat Broker, our service is affiliated with expats or internationals

Do you wish to meet one of our purchase estate agents? Don’t hesitate to request a meeting without obligation. This can take place in the comfort of your own home or at our office in the Watergraafsmeer in Amsterdam East.

What are the advantages of a purchase estate agent?

Are you looking for a property in Amsterdam? With an estate agent by your side you are sure no important matters are overlooked. You will also have a stronger position when it comes to negotiations. Due to the longstanding expertise and knowledge of a real estate agent with regards to the housing market, you will be sure to get the best deal under the right conditions. Below we will illustrate a few of the advantages.

You always pay the right price

Buying a home is one of the most financially invasive purchases of your life. Therefore you want to make sure that you not only find the right property, but also pay the right price for it. Our estate agents have the necessary knowledge of the housing market. They will advise you what a realistic price is in terms of price vs. quality for a property. They will also ask critical questions to the selling party to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

You have a stronger position during negotiations

Chances are big that the selling party has a sales estate agent to represent their interests. This can make it intimating to negotiate. Perhaps you don’t have enough knowledge of the housing market to go against the selling party. This is where we come in! With a purchase estate agent of SEM Makelaars by your side, we will make sure to achieve the best results for you. This means the best price possible under the best conditions.

A realistic view during viewings

The purchase estate agents of SEM Makelaars make sure that the search for a home goes as efficiently as possible.  We will determine your wishes and requirements and find you suitable houses accordingly. When we have found a few suitable properties, we will accompany you to viewings. This way we can judge the property in a realistic way. Does a property seem perfect at a first glance? Then perhaps you have overlooked certain important factors. During these viewings you can always count on our honest advice. This way you are sure to avoid any unpleasant surprises in the future.

Recent experiences

“Without SEM and Willem in particular, we would not have managed to successfully find a home in the current housing market. Very pleased with all the care and attention given during our search.” – Buyer Kea Boumanstraat 110, Amsterdam East

“My real estate agent saved us – and you don’t always realize – plenty of work by investigating certain details. Our offer was adjusted and accepted even when there were at least 8 other potential buyers interested for this lovely home.” – Dhr. Richard de Knegt

How does a purchase agreement work in Amsterdam?

The entire purchase process consists of six steps.

Step 1 – Intake

We start our full-service package with a meeting with one of our estate agents. This meeting takes place at your home or at our office. The purpose of the meeting is to get to know each other and to determine all of your wishes. Furthermore we look at your financial (im)possibilities and if necessary do a mortgage check.

Step 2 – Free search engine

After your wishes and requirements have been determined, we will start with the search. Our automated search engine processes all the criteria and refreshes the housing offers that are on the market every day. This way you will receive houses that meet your criteria daily. You can always adjust your criteria along the way if needed. We even facilitate this search engine temporarily for free without a purchase agreement.

Free search engine

Step 3 – Viewings

Did you receive a house through the search engine that you really like and want to view? Then there are three options:

  • We go and view the house together. This is advisable, especially  in the beginning of the search because it gives us an even better understanding of what your criteria are.
  • You first view the house alone to see if you like it and if you consider putting in an offer, then we will go and visit it a second time (with or without you) so we can give our professional opinion about the house.
  • We go and view the house without you, for example in case your agenda is completely full.

Step 4 – Assessing the property

It is important for us that we, as purchasing estate agent, are in charge of all communication and planning with the selling parties. In case you want to make an offer on a property after the viewings, we will make an analysis of the entire property. In this analysis we look at the following things:

  • The location and its surroundings
  • The structural condition of the property
  • The foundation
  • Potentially soil investigation
  • Finances and plans of the VvE

We also go through all of the paperwork, looking for any particularities before we make a decision about the price and negotiation strategy. 

Step 5 – The negotiation and purchase

Are you still enthusiastic after our analysis and want to purchase the property? Then we will start the negotiation process with a suitable opening bid. During the negotiations, the purchase estate agent will take into account all the additional factors, from the purchase price and the resolutive conditions until the transfer of movables. You will of course be kept up-to-date throughout the entire process.

If the offer is accepted, the last phase starts. We process all the information and you will go from a purchase agreement to a final transfer of ownership. A part of this process is administrative and will be handled by us. The other part of the process is about the property itself. We help you with things such as the property inspection, potential renovation plans and any other inspections if needed. This is an extensive process during which a lot of decisions have to be made.

Step 6 – The transfer of ownership

The final step is of course the transfer of ownership which takes place at the notary. From that moment onwards, you are the proud owner of that property. On average, the entire process of purchasing the property until the transfer of ownership takes about three months. However this period can vary depending on the wishes and criteria of both parties.

Why use a purchase estate agent?

At the moment there is a shortage in the Amsterdam housing market. Finding a suitable property for a good price is therefore really difficult. Taking on a purchase estate agent is therefore of great importance.. When you choose one of our SEM estate agents as your purchase agent you can count on the following:

  • You will be the first one to receive the newest housing offers
  • Important factors will not be overlooked
  • Full-service approach: assistance from a to z
  • A certified real estate agent by your side
  • Our purchase estate agents know Amsterdam like the back of their hand


Regarding the prices for our services we offer two possibilities. The first possibility is via commission, where you pay us a percentage of the transaction price. The second possibility is a fixed fee, in combination with the sale of your current house.

A specific purchase agreement

It is possible to request a specific purchase order instead of a full-service package. In that case you will view the properties yourself first and you will ask us for assistance the moment that you want to make an offer. We will then make the same analyses in order to reach a good value estimation of the property, after which we will start the negotiation process.

Interested? Contact us!

If you are looking for a property and would like to make use of our service as a purchase estate agent in Amsterdam, don’t hesitate to contact us! Call us, send us an email or fill in our contact form.