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Value estimation Amsterdam

Are you curious about the current value of your property in Amsterdam? Perhaps you are considering selling your home? Don’t hesitate to ask us for a free value estimation, no strings attached! Our realtors will be happy to help you.

What does a value estimation entail?

If you request a value estimation, one of our estate agents will come to your house to determine the current value. They will look at, among others, the living surface, the state of the property and its surroundings. We know the Amsterdam housing market like no other and have years of experience in the valuation of properties. The benefit of a value estimation is that you get a good impression of the value of your home in the current housing market. This is essential in order to determine the right sales strategy, should you decide to sell your home.

What is the difference between a value estimation and an appraisal report?

It is important to know that a value estimation is not exactly the same as a property valuation. A value estimation is an estimate of the realtor which contains the expected sales value and a suggested sales price, based on factors such as the living surface, the state and location of the property. A valuation report is much more extensive and has to meet certain standards that are set by, for example, lenders. A valuation can only be executed by a certified valuator, who knows exactly what the guidelines are in order for the report to be accepted by the Dutch Property Value Institute (NWWI –  Nederlands Woning Waarde Instituut).


If you are interested in a value estimation of SEM makelaars, do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach us by telephone, email or simply pass by our office in the Watergraasfmeer in Amsterdam East.