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Are you moving and do you want to sell your house in Amsterdam? SEM Makelaars is the sales specialist in Amsterdam with more than 20 years of experience and knowledge of the housing market. We take care of the entire sales process, from the intake until the transfer of ownership. On top of that we make sure to sell your property as fast as possible and for the best price.

  • Full-service approach throughout the entire sales process
  • Affiliated with the NVM, MVA, Certified Expat Brokers, NRVT and VastgoedCert
  • Former sellers value us with a 9.1
  • First meeting is without obligation

Would you like to meet one of our real estate agents? Feel free to request a meeting without obligation at your house or at our office in the Watergraafsmeer (Amsterdam East) where we can get to know each other and immediately establish your wishes.

Why sell your house via SEM Makelaars?

Perhaps you think that, in the current housing market, your property can be easily sold without the guidance of a real estate agent. However selling a property remains a complex process and you don’t want to overlook any important aspects. This is where a real estate agent offers a lot of added value and especially any of the sales specialists at SEM Makelaars. Our full-service offers the following benefits:

  • Professional intake of the property
  • Value estimation by a certified broker
  • The right sales strategy in order to achieve a maximum selling price
  • Assistance with all viewings
  • Handling of administrative tasks up until the transfer of ownership

Recent experiences

“The team of SEM Makelaars assisted us above and beyond our expectations with the sales of our house. The sales price was estimated correctly, completely in line with the current demand for properties in the Watergraafsmeer. The buyers were also satisfied with the service, which is important in order for everything to run smoothly. A big thank you to the SEM team. I would definitely recommend!” – Seller Archimedesweg 74 H, Amsterdam East

“A nice and good collaboration with SEM Makelaars. Selling a house is no everyday task but everything was well explained and we had very close contact with our sales agent. Any questions we had were answered directly and clearly. Absolutely recommend, in particular for Amsterdam East.” – Seller Onderlangs 28, Amsterdam East

How will we sell your house in Amsterdam?

See below an overview of the sales process of your house.

1. Professional intake of the property

Drawing attention to your property is one of the most important things in order to achieve a good sales result. The first task is the intake of your house. We will determine what the USP’s (unique selling points) are and see if there are any points of improvement. We will also give you tips and tricks on how to prepare your house for viewings.

2. Value estimation and determination of the sales price

In order to determinate the sales price, we need to estimate the current value of the property. Our estate agents are certified and therefore you can be sure that the advised estimation is accurate. This value estimation is an important part of the entire sales strategy. When determining the sales price, we take the following into account:

  • The sales prices of comparable properties in the market
  • The value of other pros and cons of the property
  • The desired sales timeframe

3. Setting up the sales strategy

We determine the sales strategy in collaboration with you. An important part in this is the marketing campaign. We use the most modern and high quality marketing techniques. This cross media approach of online and old school ensures a distinctive presentation. Our aim is to reach the right target market. A part of the marketing campaign is is professional photography and videography. Potential buyers can even make a virtual walk through the property! We present your property on several marketing channels, among others”:

  • Social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn)
  • Internal network

4. The viewings

The estate agents of SEM are in charge of the viewings. We are in direct contact with potential buyers and purchase estate agents. This is an important aspect of the sales strategy and if necessary, we can adjust the strategy according the outcome and/or feedback from viewings. 

5. The negotiations

The negotiations take place as soon as an offer has been put on the house. In consultation with you we will determine the right strategy to sell the house for the best price. Most likely, the potential buyers will have a purchase estate agent who will negotiate on their behalf. Your sales estate agent will negotiate on your behalf with the potential buyer or his purchase estate agent.

6. Setting up the purchase agreement

The moment that the negotiations are finalized and the offer has been accepted, we, or the notary will set up the purchase agreement. This agreement contains the terms and conditions for payment, property transfer (timeframe) as well as the resolutive conditions and any remaining details of the sale.

7. Signing and property transfer

When all the previous steps have been completed successfully, only a few tasks remain. Firstly, the property will be inspected one last time, by all parties involved, before the final transfer takes place. After that, the the deed of delivery can be signed, by all parties, in the presence of the notary and the keys will be handed over. The property is then officially delivered to its buyers and you have successfully sold your house!

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