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Rental agency Amsterdam

Want to rent out your house? Get in touch with SEM RENTALS , a subdivision of SEM Makelaars. As a rental agency in Amsterdam we can help you rent out your house. Our specialists have more than 20 years of experience in real estate and know the Amsterdam housing market through and through. We take care of the entire rental process, from mediation to setting up the rental contracts, handling all the financial aspects and the delivery of your property. Experience our strength and service:

  • Trustworthy rental agency in Amsterdam
  • More than 20 years of experience
  • Large network
  • Affiliated with the MVA Certified Expat Brokers
  • Financial and technical management possible

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Rent out your home via SEM Rentals

When renting out your house, you obviously strive for the best results: you want to determine a realistic rental price and handle all aspects in a correct manner. With a rental agent by your side you are sure that no important matters are overlooked. This brings you in a stronger position. Our rental agents have years of experience and possess the needed knowledge of the Amsterdam housing market.

Renting out carefree thanks to our rental agents

Renting out your house is not as simple as it seems. The regulations within rental law is mostly “mandatory law”. This means that you can’t deviate from the rules, not even in consultation with the tenants. With SEM Rentals you are sure that everything is taken care of professionally. As a rental agency in Amsterdam we will offer your property to our internal network of, among others, expats and other housing organizations. Furthermore we take care of the entire rental process. In consultation with you, we will determine the rental price, terms and conditions, set up the rental agreement and present your property. We also screen and select suitable candidates and assist your new tenant when moving in and out. With a rental agent of SEM Rentals by your side, you do not have to take care of anything when it comes to renting out your house and you are sure that everything goes according to the law and regulations.

Recent experiences

“I was looking for a trustworthy rental agency in Amsterdam. That’s when I stumbled across SEM Rentals online. Willem helped me with taking care of all aspects related to renting out my property. It was very nice to have him there! Thanks to Willem I was sure that everything was handled and taken care of. This made the entire process run very smoothly. In short: with SEM Rentals you are sure that all matters from beginning to end are taken care of and that you are dealing with a professional real estate agent. I can definitely recommend them.” Dhr. Tijn van Verven from Amsterdam

“The rental agent of SEM Rentals saved us plenty of work. The collaboration went very well. Clear agreements and a transparent communication. Honest and reliable. I am very satisfied with their service!”  Dhr. Paul Tarino from Amsterdam

Advantages from renting out your home via SEM Rentals

When you choose SEM Rentals, you are ensured of a specialized rental agent by your side. You can also count on the following advantages:

1. Rental agents with knowledge and experience

Of course you want to do business with a professional rental agency. The rental agents of SEM Rentals possess the right knowledge and experience in the Amsterdam area.

2. A free indication of the rental price

Are you curious about the rental price of your house? We will give you a precise indication that is based on our longstanding experience of the Amsterdam housing market and the rental prices of comparable houses in the neighborhood that have recently been rented out.

3. Screened tenants

Our tenants are carefully screened based on their rental history, job and income. This ensures you of a reliable tenant for your property.

4. Full control

As a landlord you decide to whom you rent out your property. Our rental agents will do an extensive research, after which we propose the potential tenant to you. It is then up to you to decide if you agree with that candidate. Furthermore you also decide which rental agreement we use: a rental agreement for undetermined or determined time or an agreement based on the Dutch Vacancy Act (Leegstandwet). This way you always remain in control of the entire process without being faced with any surprises.

Our work field in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is known for its beautiful properties and canals and no part of Amsterdam is unknown to us. Our office is situated at the beautiful Linnaeushof in the Watergraafsmeer.

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Renting out your property to expats via SEM Rentals

Want to rent out your property temporarily? SEM Rentals can facilitate this by renting out your property to expats who are working temporarily in Amsterdam, through our extensive network. This way we are capable of finding you a suited candidate fast. Due to the increasing demand for short-term stays, we are always looking for furnished properties in Amsterdam or its surroundings. Are you temporarily moving abroad, do you have an investment property, are you moving in with your partner or is your property listed for sale? Make use of our extensive network and quickly rent out your property to expats.

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